We combine Machine Learning with Telecom to change Communication.

Watch our Founder Kunal Batra give a demonstration
of our latest product Deaftel Wireless.

About General Machines

A little background on how we started.

How We Began

We are an early stage startup that all began with a programming contest. Our first product Deaftel Wireless was created as a contest entry but has since become an internationally sought after product.

Right Now

With Deaftel, General Machines was able to connect two groups of people who normally couldnt speak with each other. We plan to continue this effort with our next product the Universal Translator. English speakiing users can now call people across the world who speak (German, Chinese, French or Spanish). The english speaking user hears and speaks english, while the foreign language user, hears and speaks their native tonuge. General Machines tech. sits inbetween translating each side of the call.

What is Machine Learning ?

In the most basic terms its when you teach a computer to look at a problem almost the same way a human would. Instead of programming them you train them and teach them. This allows computers to solve problems in a similar way a human would.

Deaftel Wireless

Phone Service for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

With Deaftel, General Machines is disrupting the currenty Relay Method of making calls for the Deaf. Our software converts a hearing persons voice into text and a Deaf Users "text response" back into voice.

With our service a Deaf, Hard of Hearing or person with speech impediments can sign up for a monthly plan identical to how verizon or at&t wireless works. We will provide you with a phone number and set amount of minutes.


Universal Translator

Talk to people around the world who dont even speak english.

With our phone service you can pick your ordinary phone, call our toll free number, then call anybody who speaks chinese, french, german, spanish. You will speak and hear english and they will speak and hear their native language.



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